Will Modern Kitchen Cabinets Continue to Be Trending in 2023?
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Cabinetry continues to be a major part of any kitchen design. Outfitting your kitchen cabinet space with modern cabinetry isn’t only for aesthetics. Kitchen cabinets are essential organizational tools to store all of your supplies. 

There’s no denying that a modern kitchen design includes state-of-the-art cabinets. Many homeowners wonder if these modern cabinets will continue trending into 2023. 

The truth is that modern cabinets aren’t going anywhere. However, it’s important to note specific trends. While many love the contemporary look, some prefer a more traditional ambiance.

We’ll explore some kitchen cabinet trends you can expect to remain strong in 2023.


Shaker-Style Cabinets 

While modern kitchen cabinets are the rage for many homeowners, sometimes you can’t beat a more traditional look and feel. Shaker-style cabinets’ popularity increased from 2021 to 2022. There’s no reason to believe this spike won’t continue into 2023. 

Dark-Stained Wood 

There’s something about dark-stained wood that appeals to many kitchen owners. While this wood’s popularity has diminished in the kitchen, this pattern may change course in 2023.

Dark-stained wood is versatile as it can counterbalance many colors. It also provides a warm and welcoming feel, making it easy to share a comfortable space with others. 

Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets are simple in application but can be exquisite in presentation. As their name indicates, this cabinet style combines two colors, adding visual interest to a modern kitchen design. 

Homeowners opting for two-toned kitchen cabinets can add a personal touch to their projects. Black and white tones remain a staple, but designers can experiment with a wide range of color duos. For example, they can combine green and white, blue and white, or gray and white. 

Longer Kitchen Islands 

Kitchen islands are a cornerstone of most kitchens. Originally, kitchen islands started pretty small but have steadily grown over time. 

Today, many kitchen islands reach seven feet in length or broader. Experts expect this trend to continue into 2023, prompting many people to ask why. The truth is that we’re no longer using our kitchen islands just for cooking or baking. 

With the 2020 pandemic, many employees began working from home. Before long, they were finding themselves typing away on their laptops while relaxing in their kitchens. 

In short, longer kitchen islands provide multiple purposes. Family and friends can gather to have a meal, or you can have more space to make homemade bread. You also have the room to attend a Zoom meeting while enjoying coffee. 

Custom-Made Modern Cabinets for Organization

One of the main appeals of kitchen cabinets is that they provide excellent storage and organization opportunities. Unfortunately, sometimes stock cabinetry falls short of fulfilling a kitchen owner’s specific organization needs. 

2023 will see more custom kitchen cabinets designed to fit specific organization needs, ensuring a clutter-free kitchen. Some examples include cabinets that can hold cookie trays and cabinets with recycling or pull-out waste bins. 

Mixed Materials 

For many, wood offers a cozy feeling, while steel presents a more modern aesthetic. The material you prefer comes down to taste, and there’s no objective better choice between wood and steel. This fact makes it hard for homeowners to choose between the two, but 2023 is all about having the best of both worlds.

Instead of choosing one material over the other, you can opt for mixed materials. Cabinets made from steel and wood are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a stylish look while also providing excellent durability. 

Slab-front cabinets

Modern style kitchen cabinets generally feature crisp lines and even reveals. Slab style doors and drawers create slick, clean surfaces that highlight the craftmanship of tight reveals.

Wood slab cabinets

A variation on slab cabinetry uses sequence matched panels with astounding grain pattern. Walnut and white oak are two of the most popular wood species for modern hardwood cabinets. Both species have a striking grain pattern that is further accentuated with modern cabinetry. The best modern hardwood cabinets use special sequenced matched sheets, so the wood pattern repeats across the front of the cabinet. Wood grain should also wrap around the side of the cabinet seamlessly with miter joints.


Hardware on modern cabinetry is admittedly tricky to choose. Because of the clean lines and figured woods, you do not want the door pulls to detract from the overall aesthetic of the cabinetry. Homeowners often opt for edge mounted tab pulls. Another common choice is “push-to-open” hardware. Simply push on the edge of the door and a small spring loaded gas strut pushes the door open.

What Are the Most Popular Colors for 2023? 

Whether you’re planning to return to tradition or fully embrace modern kitchen cabinets, choosing the right color is key. Here are five popular color choices kitchen owners can expect for 2023: 

  • White – While some homeowners might find white boring, there’s no denying that it will always stand the test of time. 
  • Green – Green provides excellent versatility. Some shades give a more modern flair, while others offer a vintage look.
  • Blue – Many shades of blue exist, from a light periwinkle to a rich navy blue. 
  • Vanilla and taupe – These warm and neutral tones can give your kitchen a calming look. 
  • Charcoal gray – Many shades of gray exist, like slate gray and grayish-green. These shades provide beautiful accents to kitchen cabinets and islands. 

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