Why Select Custom Cabinetry for Your Home Remodels?
Custom built-in cabinets and gun racks

Remodeling any part of your home is a big decision. You want to ensure that you select the right materials and construction methods so that your investment pays off in both form and function.

For this reason, custom cabinetry is a great option for homeowners who want high-quality, functional results without breaking the bank. 

Here are four reasons to consider custom wood cabinets for your next home remodel project.

Custom Cabinet Sizes

With custom cabinets, you don’t have to worry about the limitations of standard incremental dimensions. Finding stock cabinets that perfectly fit the space available for cabinetry in your kitchen can be challenging. This problem is especially common in older homes found near Richmond. 

You may need to install awkward fillers between cabinets to cover the empty spaces. Custom kitchen cabinets will effectively solve this problem. You can have them designed to any width and height, ensuring a seamless row of cabinets across the available space. 

You can tap into your cabinet builders’ creativity to install custom cabinets in odd-shaped spaces. Besides eliminating wasted space, custom cabinets allow you to express your personal style.

Custom Woods and Finishes

Custom cabinetry allows you to choose materials that best match your space. With stock cabinets, you have limited options to work with, and you will often pick whatever is available for sale. Pre-made cabinets often come with standardized materials and limited finishes. 

With custom cabinetry, you can choose woods or finishes that blend seamlessly with your home’s existing architecture and style. When designing cabinets, the experts at William’s Handcrafted wrap the base and crown around the cabinets’ faces to further complement your space. Custom cabinet makers can also reproduce existing moulding profiles with custom milled trim. The craftsmen can make a seamless transition from your cabinets to the existing home.

Meet Your Unique Needs and Lifestyles 

Another major advantage of custom cabinetry for home remodels is that they can accommodate your unique needs and lifestyles. Custom cabinets allow you to utilize every inch of available space in your kitchen, pantry, and beyond. 

You can create cabinets as wide as the room and as high as the ceiling. Custom cabinets can navigate around any odd-shaped corners. You can also custom design the interior of the cabinets to meet individual storage needs. Your cabinetmaker is an expert at designing user-friendly cabinets. They make cabinets taller so they will be a comfortable height for you, even if you are tall. They will also optimize the layout of the kitchen for families who like to entertain, cook, or feed a busy family.

Optimized Cabinet Storage for Your Life

If you struggle with storing your prized items, upgrading to custom cabinet storage is a perfect solution. Custom cabinetry is an excellent choice if you need specialized storage for items like guns, books, jewelry, and trophys. They can also store specialty medical equipment in an unobtrusive and pleasing way. You can even create secret compartments for your valuables.

Review all your options before choosing your custom cabinets

While numerous options are available for a home remodel, custom cabinetry offers benefits that other types cannot beat. You can have cabinets designed to accommodate any layout or custom design scheme you have in mind.

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