What Are the Top 5 Custom Cabinet Design Trends in 2023?
White oak kitchen cabinets and drawers

If you’re considering updating your home, why not start with custom cabinets and other storage spaces? Often overlooked, kitchen cabinets stand as some of the most-used storage spaces in the home and can make or break a kitchen design.

At William’s Handcrafted, we specialize in custom cabinet design, creation, and installation. By working with us, you can create ideal cabinets and storage spaces for your kitchen or any interior room.

In this blog, we talk about the top five custom cabinet trends to look out for in 2022 to help you begin brainstorming kitchen cabinet ideas for your space. For more information about our custom cabinet services, keep browsing our website or reach out to our team today.

5 Custom Cabinet Trends For 2022

Many property owners consider updating their kitchen cabinets but struggle to find a creative starting point. If you need help sourcing kitchen cabinet ideas, look no further!

#1: Two-Tone Cabinet Colors

Topping our list of popular cabinet trends in 2022, two-toned cabinet designs have become all the rage. Consider pairing complimentary colors for a bold look, or go for classic pairings like navy and white cabinets for a more refined atmosphere.

Using the wrong colors for two-toned cabinets can create a jarring effect. Seek color pairing recommendations from our William’s Handcrafted design experts to find colors that work well together.

#2: Mixed Styles

If a modern space suits your tastes, mixing cabinet styles may be for you! To create a cozy kitchen that exudes charm and eccentricity, consider incorporating natural wood cabinets with open shelving. Or, combine white cabinets with rustic wood kitchen island storage.

Remember that heavily clashing colors or styles may make your kitchen space noisy or distracting. Plan your design ahead of your project so you can get a realistic idea of what your finished product may look like. 

#3: Custom Cabinetry for Storage

Do you want to maximize your space usage? Consider working with William’s Handcrafted to design custom corners and hidden cabinets. By creating more storage opportunities in and around your kitchen, you can reduce clutter and increase efficiency. 

Options for additional or hidden storage include:

    • Deep corner drawers
    • Pull-out cutting boards
    • Vertical or wall-mounted spice racks
    • In-drawer outlet features
    • Drawer and cabinet dividers
    • Lift-top counter storage

#4: Open Wood-Built Cabinets

Completely change the look and feel of your kitchen by ditching the cabinet doors. 

At William’s Handcrafting, we can design doorless cabinet shelving to suit any kitchen space, from rustic and natural to modern and sleek. Whatever your design preference, open cabinets make your kitchen feel roomier and less restrictive.

#5: Glass Cabinet Doors

Last but not least on our list of this year’s custom cabinet design trends, glass cabinet doors have experienced a resurgence in popularity. Try pairing frosted glass doors with cabinet lighting for a classy and unique kitchen atmosphere. For a contrasted look, choose ceiling cabinets with transparent glass doors and floor cabinets with opaque wooden doors.

Planning for a Custom Cabinet Project

Traditional cabinet installation times and costs can vary from project to project. Our team at William’s Handcrafting provides upfront, honest project estimates that include all material and labor costs, as well as project timeframes. 

If you want to plan ahead for your custom cabinet project, take a look below at some factors you should consider.

Factors to Consider

Often, property owners in and near the Richmond area get excited about kitchen remodeling or custom cabinet designs and get ahead of themselves. Help your custom cabinet installation go smoothly by considering factors like:

    • Which areas need cabinets
    • The cost of cabinet removal
    • Costs associated with custom cabinet creation
    • Installation and labor costs 
    • Custom cabinet trends and designs
    • Back-up designs in case chosen ones will not work
    • And more

For expert results, always choose the right custom cabinet company.

Working with Seasoned Cabinet Experts

One of the most critical parts of renovating your kitchen cabinets involves working with the best custom cabinet service. 

By skipping DIY projects and calling in the pros, you save time, money, and frustration on faulty installs, bad color choices, and poor cabinet construction quality. 

Schedule your consultation with William’s Handcrafted to see firsthand the difference a professional custom cabinet service can make.

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