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Building Custom Gun Cabinets for Richmond Homes

Custom gun cabinets allow you to display your prized collection safely while still allowing you access when you
need it. While a wall safe has its uses, it's not very attractive in your home. That squat piece of metal takes up much space in a gun room and can look rather

Unless your design style is industrial minimalism, it's challenging to reconcile gun safety and style. A
safe makes it difficult to view your treasured items if you're an avid collector.

William Butler and the team at William's Handcrafted offer custom-designed gun cabinets as an attractive and practical alternative.


Spruce Up Your Gun Room with Custom Designed Gun Cabinets

Many gun owners prefer wood cabinets over metal ones because they: 

  • Are less bulky
  • House your guns securely
  • Allow you to display your collection in a pleasing way
  • Blend in with the home's style
  • Can incorporate lighting, security upgrades, and leather trim
  • Are custom-built 

Materials and Designs for Wood Cabinets

Security for your weapons needn't be dull. We use hardwood like Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, Elm, Oak, and Maple to combine maximum durability with gorgeous looks. In addition, we offer multiple finishes, from smooth and polished to rough and rustic. 

We'll create the perfect compliment to your Antebellum mansion or your basic cabin in the woods. A traditional Cherry or Walnut offers rich coloring, whereas Oak fits in with a more simplistic style. Simply tell us what you wish to achieve with your custom gun cabinets, and we'll make it happen. 

Do you collect antique rifles, side-by-sides, over-unders, pistols, or long guns,? Would you like to group your collection by the maker, in chronological order or style? Would you prefer simple racks or something more decorative? 

Our team members will ask these questions before drafting your initial design. We'll work with you step-by-step to make your vision a reality. We want your project to be unique to you and your needs. We have models of some of the most popular antique firearms to accurately size racks for anything in your collection.

Our innovative design allows you to change the contents and adjust the configuration to your specifications. You can customize every design element right down to where we place the door hinges. 

We also offer a full installation service if you want a built-in gun cabinet.

Old-Fashioned Good Looks Meets Modern Security

As a responsible gun owner, you may feel torn between the desire for an aesthetically-pleasing solution and the need to secure your weapons properly. The William's Handcrafted team makes it unnecessary to choose because of: 

  • Built-in locking cages made from steel
  • Extra locks
  • Laminated or bullet-proof polycarbonate or glass fronts
  • False drawers 
  • Solid wood frames
  • Break-resistant glass
  • Secure storage space for ammunition
  • Secure bolting into the wall 
  • A steel-reinforced frame
  • A multi-pronged approach to security

Your typical wall safe simply doesn't measure up. 

Would you like to discuss your options for housing your gun collection? Are you interested in wood cabinets to display your hunting trophies? Would you like a free estimate on top-quality custom gun cabinets? 

William’s Handcrafted can also produce pedestal mounts to display your trophies. Make a complete trophy room to display your rifles and your taxidermy mounts.

Speak to William Butler or the William's Handcrafted team by calling (804) 616-8917 or by requesting a complementary consultation through the website.