One of the top priorities in a kitchen remodel is the design. As you begin to consider your new kitchen remodeling project, you may wonder “Do I need an interior designer?” While some homeowners may view hiring an interior designer as an unnecessary expense, the truth is that an interior designer’s expertise and guidance can make your remodeling process smoother a and more enjoyable. We’ll explore five benefits of working with an interior designer and explain how working with a local interior designer in Richmond, Virginia might be preferable to remote design work.

unleashing creativity and vision

One of the primary advantages of hiring an interior designer is their ability to unlock your home’s full creative potential. Talented designers possess a trained eye for aesthetics, color palettes, textures, and spatial arrangements. By collaborating with an interior designer, you gain access to their experience and expertise. Together, you can explore your unique design style and develop a plan to that aligns with your personality and preferences. An interior designer will refine your ideas and ultimately bring your vision to life to create a space that reflects you.


Maximizing Space and Functionality

Richmond, VA is known for its diverse range of architectural styles. From historic town homes in the museum district to classic estates in Windsor Farms, Richmond home styles vary widely. Interior designers have vast experience designing in quirky and unique spaces. Whether your home is a long and narrow house in the fan or a modern residence overlooking the James River, and experienced interior designer can ensure that each space in your home is optimized for its intended purpose. Designers can make your home feel more spacious by reconfiguring furniture arrangements, optimizing storage solutions, or creating multifunctional spaces for the whole family.


Attention to detail

Interior designer is more than just choosing paint colors. Interior designers carefully consider every detail to bring a room together cohesively. This may mean replicating the soft curves of custom furniture to other elements of the design or making sure you have the correct height end table for that beautiful big couch you want. By paying attention to the fine details in your home, an interior design can create a polished look that harmonizes with your homes architecture.


Access to industry resources

Interior designers have established relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and artisans to help bring your vision to life. This network gives them a wide rage of high quality materials, unique furniture and exclusive décor items that may be harder for the general public to access. Collaborating with an interior designer in Richmond, VA means that you can tap into their resources and partnerships. William’s Handcrafted partners with several premier designers in Richmond to provide their clients with custom furniture, kitchen cabinets, and built-ins.  Working with an interior designer and their partners expands the options and materials available in remodeling your home.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Homeowners may hesitate to hire an interior designer due to the cost, but their professional guidance can actually save you money in the long run. Interior designers are experts at managing budgets and helping you understand where to splurge and where to save. Plus, they can help you avoid costly mistakes that come from re-doing poor designs. With their guidance you can achieve a high-quality design within your desired budget.



With the wide variety of homes in Richmond, and prices higher than ever, hiring an interior designer can help maximize your home’s potential. Their expertise will help your project run smoother and their industry relationships open doors to more resources. If you are starting a project and wondering if you need an interior designer, strongly consider the benefits that they bring to the team.

Still not sure if you need an interior designer? Schedule some time to talk to us. If your project involves cabinetry, William’s Handcrafted can be your full-service provider. We do a large portion of the design work in house or we can connect you with one of our trusted professional interior designers to help bring your vision to reality.

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