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What Makes Good Custom Entertainment Centers?

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The demand for indoor entertainment is rapidly growing, with a recent Global Market Insights study projecting the indoor entertainment center market size to reach $85 billion by 2028. When it comes to home entertainment, nothing beats having a custom wood-built entertainment center designed specifically for your needs. 

Besides looking great, a custom-built entertainment cabinet is tailored to fit all of your devices and cables. At William's Handcrafted, we consider several factors to make the best custom entertainment centers, as explained below.

The Size of the Room

Measuring the size of your family room is the first step to creating a good entertainment cabinet that suits your needs. Otherwise, you may end up with an entertainment center that is too big for your small room or too small for an expansive living space. 

Therefore, getting measurements of your room is critical to choosing the best-sized entertainment center. You may also want to determine the maximum size if you plan to place the entertainment center in a small room or move it through narrow spaces.

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Room size also affects the size of the TV you should use.  The further your viewing distance from the TV, the bigger the TV can be.  We want to design a custom entertainment center that fits your space and can accommodate future home remodeling upgrades.

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Practicality vs. Aesthetics

Besides enhancing the look and feel of a living space, custom entertainment centers should be practical. You don't want a tangled mess, so ensure you organize the cables neatly. The entertainment system setup should allow for easy access to cabling should you wish to add or remove components. 

Keep the cables out of pets' reach, as they may chew on them, increasing fire risk. Your entertainment center should also have sufficient storage space. In the case of aesthetics, pick a style that matches your room. You don't want an entertainment center that clashes with every other stylistic element in your home. 

For instance, you don't want a sleek, modern design for a rustic-themed room. Likewise, you may want to avoid dark finishes for your entertainment center if you have bright-colored walls. Therefore, you should take the time to choose a style, material, and color that blends well with your living room's walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and other decorative elements. 

Entertainment Cabinet Features

Another critical consideration when building custom home entertainment centers is the features. Your entertainment center should have all the features that you want. You may need to answer these questions:

  • How much storage space do you need for various entertainment components and accessories?
  • Do you want the TV to stay hidden when not in use?
  • Do you want various electronic components to stay hidden?

Ensure your custom entertainment center has all the features you want to maximize your home entertainment experience.

We also partner with industry experts to provide data and audio for home theater systems.

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