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William’s Handcrafted proudly offers Charlottesville custom cabinets of all shapes and sizes. Our team consists of seasoned master cabinet makers and skilled designers. We’ll help you design a home for whatever you need to store.

Your Professional Charlottesville Kitchen Remodeler and Gun Cabinet Builder

Custom cabinets can extend outside of the kitchen and bathroom. Master cabinet makers create everything from kitchen cabinets to gun display cases. It’s a rare skill set that William Butler and the team at William’s Handcrafted take great pride in displaying.

When creating Charlottesville custom cabinets, we incorporate various elements to:

  • Optimize the use of your space
  • Properly light the area
  • Blend in with your home’s style
  • Improve functionality
  • Work within the space’s flow
  • Improve the room’s aesthetics rather than overcrowd it
  • Age well rather than going out of style quickly
  • Are an asset in terms of property value

We put the same amount of attention into every project to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Whether you hire us as your Charlottesville kitchen remodeler or gun cabinet builder, you can rely on the highest quality service.

We differentiate ourselves by providing an end-to-end design and installation service. This way, we control every part of the process, from understanding your vision to obtaining the best possible materials and placing the finishing touches.

Our cabinet design remains in place for decades, so we ensure that it is an excellent reflection of our skills.


High-End Charlottesville Design Materials and Style

As a proudly local company, we believe in supporting our community. We source as much as possible from the area to help Charlottesville businesses thrive and get you the best deals. By working locally, we can also better manage timelines and supply reliability.

Throw in our experience crafting the most exquisite pieces of furniture, and you have a recipe for success. Every custom piece we create is one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to turn heads. Properly cared for, they can become heirloom pieces to pass down through the generations.

Naturally, more extensive projects like kitchen cabinets have few sentimental connotations. However, finding suitable materials and styles is equally important. Speak to us about the look you wish to create in any room in your home, and we’ll design cabinetry around it.

Do you like the feel of a dramatic Victorian library with dark wood or a light and airy Scandanavian feel? Give it a little thought, and then contact us to make it a reality.

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Knowledge, Skills, and Services for Every Charlottesville Homeowner

Are you a Charlottesville homeowner who requires the best? Are you tired of browsing through off-the-shelf solutions with no personality? Then contact the team at William’s Handcrafted to discuss putting your stamp on your home with Charlottesville custom cabinets.